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Information Regarding the Washington State Auditor's Office Data Breach



The Washington State Auditor’s Office has provided additional information and resources for potential victims of its Accellion breach. To read more visit the State Auditors site here.


nw+|cu has been made aware of a data breach at the Washington State Auditor’s Office.  The full extent of the breach is still unknown however, initial reports indicate the possible compromise of “voluminous” personal and financial information. nw+|cu would like to take this time to remind you of the services offered that can help you keep an eye on your nw+|cu accounts and individual credit reports.

Enroll in online banking services. This allows you to review transaction and account information and can help you spot unauthorized activity quickly, any time of the day.

Download and utilize your Credit Unions mobile banking app. This gives you the resources to monitor your accounts on the go- 24/7.

Enroll in E-Statements. This service allows for secure delivery of your Credit Union periodic statement and eliminates the risk of your financial statement being stolen from your mailbox.

Enforce a code word on your financial accounts. When you call or come in to do any account related business, you will be asked to provide your unique code word in order to move forward with any requests. Make sure your code word is something only you will know and remember.

Enroll in nw+|cu’s Credit Sense. It is a free credit monitoring product in your online banking account that can detect changes in your credit score and history.

Remember, nw+|cu will never call, email or text you and request your personal or financial information. If you receive such a request from someone claiming to be from nw+|cu or any other financial institution, please refrain from handing over any information and call us immediately.

nw+|cu does offer a paid feature which provides comprehensive Identity protection plans for as low as $8 a month. For more information please visit our Kasasa Care site here 

nw+|cu is committed to helping you understand the financial resources at your disposal. It is paramount that each of us continue to be stewards of our personal and financial information, enforcing preventative measures and taking actions to help mitigate financial exposure or exploitation.



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