Car Buying Advice


  • Car-Buying Tips There's so much to remember when you're buying a new car.
  • Borrow or Lease? Car loans and leases. Both will allow you to get a new car with monthly payments. But each have their own distinct advantages and differences that may or may not be right for you.
  • Your Present Car -- Sell it Outright, or Trade it In? Just because you're tired of your present car, or it's just plain tired, doesn't mean it doesn't still have value.
  • It's 'Me' ...But is it Right for Me? It's easy to fall in love during the car buying process, even over something as simple as a color. But many people find out, much to their dismay, that the honeymoon is over when their purchase doesn't really meet their needs after all.
  • Do your Homework when Pricing that Vehicle You can always trust a car salesman to quote you fair prices for your trade-in and the car you want to purchase... Or can you?


  • How Much Car Can You Afford? So you've made the Big Decision. No more dreaming or just thinking about it -- you're ready to go shopping.
  • Loan Preapproval Preempts Shopping Stress You walk into a car dealership, knowing you want a new car.
  • The Facts of Leasing More people these days are choosing a lease over purchasing their new car. There are benefits - the big ones being lower monthly payments, having a new car every few years, and low maintenance expenses. There are also downfalls, including mileage restrictions, confusing agreements, and the fact that you never really own your car.
  • Budgeting For Your New Car Buying and owning a new car for most people is an exciting experience.
  • 0% APR Auto Loan or Rebate - which one is better? Are you confused by all of the auto offers out there? You're not alone. Deciding between a low-rate dealer loan or a rebate can be difficult. So take a look at these facts before you finance your next new vehicle.
  • The Truth About Super-Low Interest Rates Each year, car makers set their goals ever higher to sell the millions of cars they produce.