EMV Chipcard

EMV Chipcard


Your new NW Plus CU credit card is based on chip technology, which means it's more secure! It's the most fraud-resistant payment you can use and NW Plus CU is proud to offer it.

Chip technology is already being used outside the US. Due to the proven security of preventing credit card fraud, it is being brought into the US.

As merchants begin to replace existing card readers with chip terminals, your NW Plus CU credit card will be ready to provide you with the most secure transaction.

How to Use

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Your new chip card is different than the old magnetic stripe card. It's more secure, but using it is a little different as well – Watch this video to learn How to Use your new Card!

There's security in your new NW Plus CU chip credit card

To use your new card you will do the following:

Swipe your card like normal.

If the terminal is not chip card-enabled (merchants are migrating to this new technology and not all have the chip card-enabled software), the transaction will be processed the same as normal

If the terminal is chip card-enabled, the terminal will read the magnetic stripe and recognize it as a chip card. The message on the terminal screen will read "Please insert the chip card into the terminal."If prompted to insert your card into the terminal, insert your card. The terminal will authenticate your chip card and keep it safely inside the terminal until you've finished your transaction. This authentication process prevents someone else from using your card.

Remember your PIN. Terminals may use different formats to authenticate the card user. There are two methods that can be used to authenticate the cardholder either through PIN Authentication or Signature Based

Remove your card when transaction is done. After you receive your transaction receipt, and before you leave, remember to remove your card. Some terminals will beep to remind you, but others won't.