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Online Banking Alert

Important Security Changes are now Live!

In effort to protect your member number and increase password security, please be prepared to change your password and your Personal Branch Login ID (if it is your member account number) starting Wednesday February 21st.

In addition, Mobile App users will be required to make password and/or Login ID changes in our Online Banking Personal Branch website prior to logging into our Mobile App; otherwise users will NOT be able to log into our Mobile App successfully.

After you have successfully authenticated your credentials in Personal Branch, you will be prompted and required to change your Login ID if your Login ID is your member number. The new Login ID requirements are:

•must be at least 6 characters

•must contact at least one letter

•no special characters

If your Login ID is already not your member number or after you have finished changing your Login ID, you will then be prompted and required to change your password from a 6 character password to an 8 character password. The new password requirements are:

•must be at least 8 characters

•must contain at least one letter

•must contain at least one number

•(previous 8 character passwords that meet these requirements can be used again)

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we strive to keep your accounts secure!