Skip-a-Pay FAQ

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What are the qualifying requirements?

  • No delinquencies in the last 12 months
  • Members are allowed 1 Skip per Loan each year. Example: if a member loan participates in the Summer Skip program, they do not qualify for the Holiday Skip Program and vice versa.
  • Loans with a balance less than $500 do not qualify. If a member receives a skip a pay flyer because their balance is more than $500 but make a payment prior to the month to be skipped consequently bringing the loan balance below the $500 minimum, the skip will not be accepted.
  • The Skip-A-Pay program does NOT include mortgages, HELOCs, Credit Cards, or other revolving credit such as Timelines. Payday Alternative and Overdraft Protection loans are also not included.
  • Qualifying member loan must be within the loans grace period to process the Skip. A member must also be in good standing's in every and all accounts with the Credit Union to qualify. If a member receives a Skip form but is currently not a member in good standings the Credit Union will not honor their skip.